Mailchimp is a widely loved and appreciated email tool. A classic, really. Just about every digital marketer out there is familiar with the platform and recommends it strongly.

In the past, you had to manually add email addresses either individually or by exporting their information from Ricochet to then import into Mailchimp. This could be a time-consuming and cumbersome task. No longer. 

You can now link your Mailchimp account directly with Ricochet to automatically synchronize your customers and consignors into an email contact list.

That means that every time you want to send out an email to your customers, you just have to click one button and then all of your contacts are exported and up-to-date in Mailchimp, ready for you to send email messaged to.

We've separated out the how-to article for Mailchimp. Read "Connecting Ricochet With Mailchimp" to get started.

Always be sure you are prepared to send out email marketing campaigns and know your email best practices before you begin.

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