All reports in Ricochet are a powerful way to understand your operation on a deeper, data-driven level, but the Payout History Report is a rather simple tool.

The Payout History Report is a rather simple tool that has 2 primary functions:

  1. Reverse or cancel accidental payouts.

  2. Verifying payout information for payout disputes.

One of the most valuable use of this report is to fix errors with payouts. You can reverse payouts and pull any important data on any consignors to make sure the payout had been processed properly. If you need to reverse a payout, you have a separate article explaining that topic.

If for example. you have a customer that is disputing their payout amount, you can cross reference their contract, what they are claiming, and the actual payout history to make sure everything lines up. Obviously, it is still your responsibility to make sure customers actually get handed a check, but with this report, you can verify with them that the payout was accurate and the check appropriately reflected that.

Other than that, the Payout History Report is just a simple way for you to look back on your old payouts and see the details on those payouts.

To run a Payout History Report:

  1. Navigate to Reports > Payout History

  2. Select a date range from the calendar picker. The list will then populate with all payouts done in Ricochet during that period.

  3. From there you can reverse the payout or expand its contents. You may also select any relevant payouts and export them to a .csv for reading in any spreadsheet tools such as Microsoft Excel.

  4. Additionally, you can print a payout or list if you would like.

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