Every once in awhile, you may realize that you made a series of errors on a product or simply want to make changes to a large number of products at once.

In most cases, the changes you need to make can be done using Bulk Edit in Ricochet.

The fields that can be bulk edited in Ricochet are:

  1. Status

  2. Department

  3. Split

  4. Category

  5. Brand

  6. Supplier

To Edit Items In Bulk:

  1. Navigate to Products and select all of the items you wish to update in bulk.

  2. With the items selected, click the navy "More" button and "Bulk Update"

  3. A modal will pop up with the options available for the products selected. Keep in mind that you can not update the split of a consigned item that has been paid out to the consignor. You must first reverse the payout associated with that item before it will let you continue.

  4. Double-check that you're about to update the correct amount of items.

  5. Select the field you wish to update.

  6. Update accordingly and Apply.

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