In Ricochet, there are 3 basic types of discounts you can create, each with its own function.

Auto-Discounts reduce the price of an item after it has exceeded a specific number of days on the sales floor.

Manual Discounts would reduce the price of an individual item or transaction at the POS. Manual discounts are typically only used in one-off situations.

Store-Wide Discounts will automatically reduce the price when parameters are met or a coupon is applied.

How to Create and Manage Store-Wide Discounts

Within Ricochet,

  1. Click Preferences

  2. Click Product

  3. Click Discounts (tab at top of page)

Discounts have an active state and a status column. When the Active toggle is turned ON, that discount will apply if the parameters can be met.

NOTE: An Active toggled item doesn't necessarily mean that the discount can actually be used at the store if you have set specific parameters for the discount. It may not work if you had set it up with a limit of times it can be used, or has exceeded it's end date.

The primary function of the Active toggle is to allow you to quickly turn on and off discounts that you may frequently use from time to time. This makes it much easier than deleting or restoring an old discount.

Creating New Discounts:

  1. Within Ricochet,

    1. Click Preferences

    2. Click Product

    3. Click Discounts (tab at top of page)

  2. Click New Discount

  3. Fill in the various fields:

    (Visit Common Discounts Types and How To Create Them for examples)

    1. Discount Name: The name appears on the POS and Web Store when checking out. We recommend keeping this short and clear.

      Example: '$20 Off All Jeans'.

    2. Select Start and End dates: You can turn the discount on and off as you choose, however, setting a start and end date is a great way to create a timed discount or plan ahead to make the discount active at a future date.

    3. When Does This Discount Apply:

      Choose from:

      • Automatically Applies

      • Coupon Code Required

      (We see most merchants prefer to trigger discounts automatically).

    4. Where Does This Discount Apply:

      Choose from:

      • POS

      • Web Store Only (only available with the Web Store subscription)

      • POS & Web Store (only available with the Web Store subscription)

    5. Discount Type:

      Choose from:

      • Price -

        • Price Discount - enter the dollar amount in the box

        • Consignment Absorb (who's revenue the discount is taken from) - select consignor, store or shared.

      • Percentage -

        • Percentage Discount - enter the percentage amount in the box

        • Consignment Absorb (who's revenue the discount is taken from) - select consignor, store or shared.

    6. Types of Products Involved:

      Choose from:

      You can select multiple options. For example, if you select "Consignors" you will then see a drop down to select as many consignors as you need.

    7. Minimum Requirements:

      Choose from:

      • None - Applies to all types of products involved.

      • Item Quantity - Example, "Get 10% off when you buy three pairs of jeans".

      • Purchase Total - Example, "Spend $100 and get $10 off your purchase.

    8. Number of Total Uses: Enter the amount or check the box for unlimited. This is a simple store-wide use. The times you would want to limit this is if you have a blowout sale or only a specific amount of items you would like to sell on a discount before it goes back to full price.

NOTE: It's important that a discount's data records be kept, so there is no way to permanently delete a discount. However, discounts can be archived to hide from your view if you don't plan on using that discount for a while.

An archived discount can be reactivated by clicking the link towards the bottom that reads Show Archived Discounts > Edit discount > Click Restore.

Frequently Asked Questions:

With the new discount system, what is the best way to transition all of my legacy discounts to the new style?

Most stores will want to start from scratch. While this sounds like a lot of tedious work, the new discount system allows you to have multiple options of a parameter as a discount. So if you have over 20 consignors, each with a 10% off discount, this really only needs to be one discount in the new system.

Is there a way to create a buy one get one (BOGO) discount?

BOGOs are incredibly hard to manage automatically, especially with online transactions, so we recommend manually discounting BOGOs at the POS. One sort of work around way to almost replicate this model is by setting a 50% discount and a minimum requirement of 2. That way, when a customer buys 2 items, they both automatically reduce to 50% off, effectively making one of them free.

Do discounts work with my online store?

Yes! All discounts can be applied at the POS or online. And this even includes sales from social websites like Facebook or Instagram.

Do store-wide discounts combine with my auto-discounts?

Yes. From a technical perspective, an auto discount is a simple price change. If a $100 item is 30 days old and 50% off. The system treats that item like a $50 item. So any discounts you apply to that item will be based on the $50 price-point.

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