Creating and editing your store's basic information speeds up your store's processes, and helps your customers understand important details like your rewards and returns policy.

Following basic details, you can designate a default Split that will automatically be assigned to new inventory. CLICK HERE for more information on creating and editing store splits.

To set up your store’s basic information:

  1. In the Navigation Bar, go to Preferences > Admin.

  2. Navigate to the first tab "Store Details"

  3. Update or Edit your Store Name, Phone Number, and Store Email.

  4. Update your timezone if it is not correct.

  5. Select your store's default commission split. If you are not seeing your store's default commission split in the pre-populated list, add it in the commission split section, then come back to this page and update it.

  6. Turn on or off aging on tags by clicking the toggle. 

  7. Click "Save."

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